Missouri-Based Eagan Office Interiors Helps U.S. Companies Make the Move to Remote Work by Liquidating Furniture Assets

March 7, 2022; Washington, MO – Even with an end to the COVID-19 pandemic in sight, some companies are looking to make remote work a permanent thing. As a result, many are sitting on large inventories of standing office furniture they don’t know what to do with. Washington, MO-based Eagan Office Interiors is stepping in to help companies liquidate their furniture, minimize costs, and cut down on the environmental impact. 

Eagan Office Interiors is the nation’s leading office furniture liquidator, helping companies turn idle furniture into revenue-generating assets. According to President Nick Livingston, the company has helped hundreds of companies across the country liquidate their surplus furniture assets, including big names like Dell, General Motors, British Petroleum, Quicken Loans, Anthem, and Cushman & Wakefield. Over the course of the past year, the demand has skyrocketed.

“Getting rid of unneeded furniture represents a cost and a hassle for the companies looking to relocate or shut down an office,” Livingston said. “Many of them don’t realize there’s a much more economical, environmentally-friendly alternative to hiring someone to discard it.”

According to Livingston, the company works with new clients to qualify their opportunity and evaluate their inventory. They then travel to the office building and perform an onsite analysis where they establish the positive values (what can be sold) and negative values (labor required for removal). Materials are then pre-marketed to the company’s coast-to-coast network of over 1,000 buyers that deal in used office furniture, and a proposal is delivered to the client. 

“Our value is in our ability to serve as a proxy between our clients and our network of highly-vetted buyers,” Livingston said. “Working with us can often save companies tens of thousands of dollars because our services go beyond disposal. We know how to extract the most value from the inventory.”    

Eagan tracks every item that is sold, given away, donated, recycled, and dumped throughout the project. At the end, the client receives a report detailing the percentage of materials in each category. 

“Our priority is to provide as close to a zero-landfill initiative as possible,” Livingston said. “Some things just can’t be sold or recycled, but we exhaust every alternative prior to taking anything to the dump. It matters to clients and it matters to us to do this responsibly.”

About Eagan Office Interiors

Eagan Office Interiors is a division of Eagan Building Group, a full-service design-build contractor based in Washington, MO. The company provides the entire spectrum of commercial relocation services from design and build to moving day labor. 

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